Fixed-Site Nuclear Imaging

Fixed-site Nuclear Cardiology solutions from DIS provides everything you need to offer nuclear cardiac imaging.

Complete Cardiac Imaging Solution

Fixed-site nuclear cardiology services from DIS provide you with everything you need to offer cardiac imaging at your location, including a high quality SPECT camera, highly trained staff and administrative assistance.

Fixed-Site Nuclear Cardiology Packages Include

Nuclear Cardiac Camera

Fixed-site solutions include a high quality SPECT camera that is delivered and installed at your facility

Highly Trained Staff

A Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Cardiac Stress Technician travel to your location and provide the service

Accreditation & Support

Utilizing DIS services allows you to leverage our accreditation and simplify the reimbursement process.

Get a complete solution with no long-term commitment or net expense to your practice

Why Choose Fixed-Site Equipment from DIS?

High Quality Equipment
Licensed Technologists
Profitable Revenue Stream
Fully Accredited

Leveraging fixed-site nuclear cardiac solutions from DIS is the smart way to add a full suite of cardiac imaging services to your facility without the burden of having to manage service contracts and staff expenses.

Fixed-Site Mobile Nuclear Medicine System

The DIS fixed-site nuclear cardiology program includes a state-of-the-art SPECT gamma camera. The program is platform agnostic and our team will work with you to find the best nuclear cardiac camera for your practice and patients. Our camera support team will service and support the camera and the equipment will be professionally installed. DIS can provide staff with the equipment or your existing team of nuclear medicine technologists can operate the equipment

Our Personnel

The DIS Fixed-Site Nuclear Cardiology solution is performed by qualified nuclear medicine technologists who are certified by the NMTCB or ARRT. Your office will have a consistent team who will develop a deep understanding of your procedures, policies and act as an extension of your full-time staff.

Fixed-Site Nuclear Cardiology

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